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CNN’s Acosta Won’t Stop Annoying Sarah Sanders, She Silences Him With Incredible Putdown

Something which can’t be denied is how hostile the American media has been to political outsider Donald Trump, during his people-powered effort and throughout his presidency.

Among the worst of the reporters from the White House press pool is Jim Acosta, who has turned out to be a great annoyance to White House Press Secretary. Luckily, Sanders knows how to manage Acosta and only silenced him with a forceful putdown through the last press briefing. Acosta tried to creating a meaningless point about the gap between the Mexico wall and border security, and Sarah swatted him away, saying, “The security and safety of the people of the nation would be the president’s number one responsibility and his number one priority in regards to anything he does.”

Jim did not give up, saying, “You know how a wall could differ from border security, Sarah? Border security could mean drones, it might mean agents, it might mean more fencing, it does not necessarily mean a wall.”

Sanders answered, “And that is part of the negotiation we expect Congress to have.” Acosta still wouldn’t relent, and responded, “You know Democrats are saying they might not be in favor of this sort of deal?”

This gave Sarah the ideal chance to put him down hard, and she responded, “If Democrats are not in favor of protecting American citizens, I think we’ve struck a sad day in American history. However, I don’t believe it to be true. As many of them say as they sat around the table when several of you were in the area, they are devoted to border security, they really do need it, and the majority of them voted for it before before this legislation hit the ground.” How much can you love how Sanders colleges liberals?

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