Floyd Mayweather Doesn’t Understand the #MeToo Movement, Says He ‘Too’ Has Billions of Dollars and Private Jets

Floyd Mayweather Jr. requires some cleaning up on current events. The undefeated winner recently did an interview with Men’s Health, where he revealed that a fairly large degree of ignorance concerning exactly what the #MeToo movement really signifies.
Throughout the meeting, Mayweather was requested concerning the #MeToo movement, the attempt to promote awareness of sexual harassment and attack. But when asked about #MeToo, Mayweather reacted by stating: ” Who?”

Following the interviewer clarified the purpose and significance of this motion, Mayweather chose to discuss how wealthy he is.

“When you say ‘me’ my thing is that, when someone is like, ‘I have a Rolls Royce,’ I’m like ‘me'” Mayweather said. Me also.'”

The interviewer tried to fix Mayweather, pointing out the substantial gap between his jets as well as the issues connected with sexual misconduct and harassment.

Mayweather then exclaimed: “I did not know!”

Mayweather continued, “My me overly motion from the start was, for example, when someone says that they got it, I will be like, ‘me'”

Mayweather finally said that he does not believe sexual misconduct is “cool”

“You live and you know,” Mayweather advised Men’s Health. “I think everybody if you are in an embarrassing position, you need to pray about it, you know, discuss it, and I believe you know, sexual harassment, I really don’t think that it’s cool in any way.”

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