NBC Will Show Protesting NFL Players Live on Camera During the Super Bowl

The revolution will be televised, that is the word coming from NBC executives who state that they will televise any participant that chooses to protest the anthem through the Super Bowl.
“If you can find gamers who decide to kneel, they’ll be shown live,” he explained.

Gaudelli clarified that, if a participant decided to protest throughout the anthem, then NBC broadcasters Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth would probably offer the players’ title, some background about the protests, then “get on with the match”

According to Fox News, “The anthem will be aired reside and can be scheduled to be carried out by Pink. Possible protesters are going to get a chance to create an impression before a huge audience, as 112.2 million people saw Super Bowl LI last year — the fifth largest most-watched program in history.”

Kaepernick continued his demonstration during the 2016 year but hasn’t suited up for a second NFL team because walking away from his contract at San Francisco at the end of the year.

Despite Kaepernick’s lack in 2017, the protest movement that he started continued. Growing in strength during Week 3 of this year, following President Trump blasted the protesting players in a political rally. During that weekend over 200 operators, players, and trainers, protested the anthem and President Trump.

But after that weekend, the number of players dwindled to the point at which just 19 players prevailed at the last week of this season.

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