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Sarah Sanders Just Insulted CNN So Badly, The Reporters Actually Gasped, It’s Amazing

On the other hand, the razor-sharp Sanders has proven the journalists again and again how fruitless it’s to attempt and deceive her or lure her. Among the peskiest and persistent of those liberal journalists was CNN reporter Jim Acosta. Sanders recently dropped a burn strong on his community the other reporters at the media room really gasped when they discovered it.

From the media briefing, Sarah took concerns regarding the FBI’s Russia evaluation, the FISA Court becoming reauthorized, the forthcoming immigration invoice and DACA. Acosta didn’t take the conversation badly, however, and rather tried to talk about more gossip about President Donald Trump watching TV.

Said Jim, “The president sees something on ‘Fox & Friends’ and tweets about it… There have been people out there who have said there are a cause and effect. He watches something on “Fox & Friends” and tweets relating to it.

Replied Sanders aggressively, “I am certain you’re disappointed he is not watching CNN.” Acosta subsequently maintained that Trump watches “lots of CNN.” Fired back Sanders, “I do not think that is true. Your numbers will be greater” Another journalist in the room let out a collective gasp that may certainly be heard. Just how much can you love Sanders for carrying down CNN like that?

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