The 25 best movies on Netflix you can stream right now

From Back to the Future to Pulp Fiction, here are the Top Movies streaming on Netflix right now

It is winter. Your charge card is still recovering from Christmas, so you probably can not afford to go anywhere – or pick up anything fresh to play or watch till payday rolls around again. But so long as that Netflix subscription is still going strong, you can get through those dark months – and we are going to help you do it.

Thanks to Netflix there is thousands of films at our hands, just waiting to be viewed, and new ones are being added to the roster all of the time. However, with so much available, we all know it can be overwhelming. Here’s our picks of the best movies on Netflix today…

25. Stranger Than Fiction (2006)











Area: UK

The Film:  Imagine living in a world where your presence is caused by someone else’s creative whimsy. Stranger Than Fiction is the world, where Will Ferrell’s nice guy Harold Crick one day hears Emma Thompson’s voice narrating his every movement. That is when he discovers he’s actually a character in a novel.

Why it’s worth watching: One of a couple of films in which Ferrell plays a really pleasant character rather than an OTT comedy caricature. It is his performance that makes this such a sweet, humorous dramedy. Oh, and the flours line. What a charmer.

24. Hot Fuzz (2007)

Area: UK, US

The Movie: One is straight-laced, another, more of a free soul. Things inevitably go awry as they frequently do in quiet, idyllic film villages.

Why it’s worth watching: Picture your favorite buddy cop movie. And now envision it sporadically throughout the glowing, meta-tinted eyes of Pegg, Wright and Frost. This is the way you homage.

23. Looper (2012)

Area: UK

The movie: Ponder, if you will, what life could be like if you discovered that in thirty years’ time you become Bruce Willis. That’s but one of the fascinating questions plaguing Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character Joe. He is a “looper”, a hitman working for the mob who use a fancy way of ensuring bodies do not pop up – time traveling. Well, until his upcoming self appears before him.

Why it’s worth watching: First off, you will need to see this as part of your Star Wars: The Last Jedi homework. This superb time travel thriller is directed by Rian Johnson, who takes a terrific concept (“looping”) then weaves into a vengeance plot AND a killer spin. Added bonus: you get to see JGL in prosthetics.

22. Cabin in the Woods (2012)


Area: UK

The movie: You believed Scream was a fun spin on scary movie tropes? While this movie’s tagline says: “You think you understand the story.” Things seem to be like your normal slasher initially; five college kids head out to a remote cabin in the woods, and start to behave as you would expect, till they go into the basement and start meddling with the dusty trinkets down there…

Why it’s worth watching: Gem in only THREE days. Sure, that is impressive, but what is most jaw-dropping isthat moment* when the horror community gets rewarded with the onslaught of complete chaos. Among the greatest horrors of the previous decade.

21. The Big Short (2015)

Area: UK, US

The movie: A star-studded throw informs this behind-the-scenes narrative of the fiscal meltdown. It is both funny and heartbreakingly sad occasionally, since the likes of Steve Carell, Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling and (albeit at a big cameo) Brad Pitt reveal the facts about the people involved with the 2007-2008 crisis.

Why it’s worth watching: The man who led Anchorman directed this. Yep, this is Adam McKay’s work; a confident drama with flashes of wry humor you might not expect from the guy who gave us Ron Burgundy.

20. The Omen (1976)

Area: UK

The movie: Using a spectacular lack of foresight (I mean, has he seen a horror film?!) , a grieving father who loses his kid only a couple of moment after arrival replaces his newborn boy with an orphan, carefully maintaining the swap secret from his wife. And then STUFF starts to occur; the grandma publicly hangs herself, the child freaks out entering a church, zoo animals are strangely terrified of him… Yup, you’ve guessed it something ai not right with this child.

Well, this is the film that started it all. Virtually every trope about spooky children has its roots planted well and truly in The Omen, terror’s seminal creepy child movie. The music’s iconic.

19. Beasts of No Nation (2015)

Area: Worldwide

The movie: Among Netflix’s first steps into simultaneous streaming and theatrical releases, hails from True Detective founder Cary Fukunaga. Time isn’t a flat circle, however. This is a harrowing story of a young African boy summoned to the dangerous positions of a fearful militia crime lord played by Idris Elba.

Why it’s worth watching: Sometimes a barbarous watch, it is nevertheless a good bit of gritty filmmaking from a director with masses of compassion for the tragedy depicted onscreen.

18. Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

Area: US

The movie: Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the story of New York socialite wannabe Holly Golightly, and whether the name is not enough to intrigue you, I do not know what will. It is an unusual love story, however, and though the racial stereotyping will make you cringe, everything else has aged well – this is a classic.

Why it’s worth watching: Holly Golighty remains one of Audrey’s Hepburn’s most enduring and memorable portrayals, and in 2012 it had been added to the US’ National Film Registry because of its “enduring significance to American civilization”. Additionally, it includes Hepburn singing “Moon River”, which is one of cinema’s most iconic paths.

17.  Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016)

Area: UK

The movie: in the event that you adored Thor: Ragnarok then you may want to scope out director Taika Waititi’s humor. Shot on location in New Zealand, the movie tells of a young boy (Julian Dennison) embraced by a few out in the valley that befriends his foster dad (Sam Neill) whenever the pair wind up on an experience in the jungle.

Why it is worth seeing: Part-comedy, part-drama, Wilderpeople’s got that unmistakable NZ humour during that prevents the movie from becoming stale. Twin that together with the stunning cinematography of this sweeping island deserts and woods, and you are in for a treat.

16. Zootopia (2016)

Area: US

The movie: This is a complete delight. Now that has got your attention, the major plot tells of a young bunny from the sticks that relocates the big bad city to live the life span of her dreams: that of a cop.

Why it’s worth watching: Disney’s fun, vibrant tale appeals to both children and parents alike with a very funny, rather strange plot that does not try too difficult to hide its true message.

15. Byzantium (2013)

Area: US

The movie: Somehow this cracking vampire play slipped beneath the radar as it hit cinemas back in 2013. Neil Jordan – yes, he of Interview with the Vampire celebrity – directs this odd riff on blood-sucker lore. Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan celebrity for a mother and daughter duo working their way through history before the end up in an English coastal town.

Why it’s worth watching: The twists on vampiric mythology are refreshing. As is watching Arterton tear apart her victims and bathe in their red geysers!

14. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

Area: UK

The film: Ferris Bueller needs a day off, and this is it. Following an Oscar-worthy performance convincing his parents he is sick and should stay home from school, Ferris then persuades his girlfriend and best friend to accompany him on what could only be called the perfect day, complete with posh grub, art galleries, singing at a float parade, and touring Chicago in a pristine Ferrari Spyder.

Why it’s worth watching: nearly every segment of the has been pastiched in 1 way or another, from Family Guy to Deadpool. A seminal Hughes movie that is somehow defied relationship despite its 80s roots, this sees Bueller smash down the fourth wall to talk directly to the viewers. Oh, and both Janine and Mr. Rooney are two of the best supporting comedy characters you’ll ever see on screen.

13. Into the Wild (2007)

Area: UK

The movie: Everybody dreams about jacking from the 9-5 and living a life of experience. Christopher McCandless really did it. The movie relies on the Jon Krakauer book chronicling the young American’s journey from a wealthy lifestyle to a threadbare, idealistic life on the street.

Why it’s worth watching: Emile Hirsch is superb as McCandless, going all out to convey the huge changes as the young lad found himself in dire straits. The whole issue is superbly soundtracked by a score written by Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder.

12. The Prestige (2006)

Area: US

The film: It is the turn of the 20th century and magic is all of the rage, illusionists cropping up at every party displaying their seance abilities. The Prestige is Christopher Nolan’s take on these masters of trickery, a play which stars Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman as rival magicians in Victorian London.

Why it’s worth watching: The darkened, filthy world of Victorian magic is attracted rather beautifully to life, and you will be enchanted by all of the trickery that occurs. But the actual sleight of hand includes the picture’s killer twist. It’s Nolan who is the true magician here.

11. Schindler’s List (1993)

Area: UK and US

The movie: Schindler’s List – starring Liam Neeson, Ben Kingsley and Ralph Fiennes – depicts the life of Oskar Schindler, a German businessman who saved over a million Jewish refugees during World War II. Based on a true story, it is a painful but critically important depiction of the Holocaust, expertly complemented with the score and cinematography.

Why it’s worth watching: Though not in simple watch, Schindler’s List tells the harrowing story of the Holocaust through a different lens, one that celebrates the kindness and humanitarian work that grew in the shadows of the next world war. There is a reason this won seven Academy Awards.

10. The Warriors (1979)


Area: UK

The movie: Walter Hill’s bleak vision of the future plays as the perfect setting for gang warfare in New York. Based on the novel by Sol Yurick, a simple story of opposing views come to a head once the gangs of Coney Island find themselves tasked with carrying out The Warriors.

Why it’s worth watching: Among those classic cult favorites which was slated upon launch, it warrants a watch for its understated cinematography and the staggering set bits. A real gem.

9. Captain America: Civil War (2016)

 Area: US

The movie: The Avengers are divided in two when the authorities pokes its nose into all of the city-destroying fun. After the superhero registration act is introduced, Cap rebels against authority – quite un-Cap of him and Tony goes along with it. Never has Marvel’s big screen action been so stimulating, or psychological.

The stakes are raised, lives are online, and there is one revelatory moment that contributes to the best fight scene up to now in the franchise. Oh yeah, also Spider-Man’s entry.

8. The Sixth Sense (1999)


Area: US

The movie: “I see dead people.” That’s the line everybody remembers from The Sixth Sense, also, that one iconic line rather sums up the movie. Cole (Haley Joel Osment) is a sensitive child who really does see ghosts. His mother (Toni Collette) sends him to find a therapist Malcolm (Bruce Willis) to assist with his dreams and social anxieties, all of the while his encounters with the deceased continue to grow more violent…

Why it’s worth watching: This is why everybody pays attention to Shyamalan releases a new film. The Sixth Sense set the standard high and I am not even talking about the twist. It packs in a raft of creepy moments, which makes it one of the most chilling flicks ever made, and also manages to be a enormous tearjerker at precisely the identical time. Toni Collette’s final scene?

7. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013)


Area: UK

The movie: Hard to believe it, I know, but Anchorman two is an rare example where the sequel is every bit as enjoyable as the first. Stepping from the 70s and slipping to the 80s, Ron Burgundy still attempting to keep San Diego classy whilst coming to grips with 24 hour-news needs and an extremely ambitious wife…

Why it’s worth watching: This all-star throw delivers quotation after memorable quote. Additionally, Baxter’s still inside. What else do you require?

6. It Follows (2015)

Area: UK, US

The film: There has been a resurgence in John Carpenter throwback movies lately, and It Follows certainly has more than a whiff of Johnny C about it. Maika Monroe stars as a teenager who contracts a disease after sleeping with a man. The kicker? The “disorder” is really a figure “it” that….

Why it’s worth watching: With cinematography and editing that make you believe you’re seeing some remixed ’70s slasher, it has got to be the score. Synth-heavy and pounding, it is like taking a trip back through time.

5. Back to the Future (1985)

Area: UK

The movie: Teen Marty McFly is accidentally sent back to 1955 when his great friend and scientist, Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown, is taken after stealing plutonium to power his new time machine. Stuck in the past and without a way to return, Marty should locate the 1950s Doc, convince his friend he’s in the future, and get back to 1985… all while attempting to stop his mother, who is accidentally fallen in love with him rather than Marty’s father. Whoops.

Why it’s worth watching: You have already seen it, surely? You know it is terrific. So grab a blanket, snuggle down, and revisit one of the best movies ever made.

4. Rain Man (1988)

Area: UK

The movie: Charlie Babbit is the epitome of 1980s greed; young, selfish, and completely out for himself. But when his estranged father dies leaving Babbit a car and a selection of rose bushes, Charlie finds his father has left the remainder of his fortune into an undercover trustee… that turns out to be a brother Charlie knew nothing about. Taking both the vehicle and his brother, Raymond, Charlie strikes Vegas in an attempt to use his brother’s savant mathematical and memory abilities to make back the fortune his father denied him. .

Why it’s worth watching: Only wait ’til you find out why the film’s called Rain Man.

3. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Area: UK

The movie: Still among the best Stephen King adaptations ever made, it is tough to think Frank Darabont’s movie was a flop in cinemas. Luckily, this contemporary classic found its audience on home entertainment, with crowds lapping up this story of Andy Dufresne, a banker wrongly charged with double homicide. His ambitious objective to break out of prison serves as the main driving force, but as fans will attest, this is more than a mere ‘prison break’ film.

Why it’s worth watching: Tim Robbins provides a career-best functionality and Morgan Freeman sets up himself as the voiceover artist in every movie made since. What is not to love about this film?

2. As Good As it Gets (1997)

Area: UK

The movie: Jack Nicholson stars as obsessive-compulsive novelist Melvin Udall, a man so consumed by his compulsions, he alienates everyone around him. After his neighbor is terrorised and robbed, Melvin is strong-armed into caring for the guy’s dog, and in doing so, develops an begrudging love for this… and the people around him

Why it’s worth watching: Look, I am not especially into romantic comedies either, but As Good as it Gets is as near perfect as a Feel Great movie can get, with Oscar-winning performances by both Nicholson and co-star Helen Hunt, in addition to stunning performances from Cuba Gooding Jr and Greg Kinnear. It remains the last movie on record to receive Academy awards for both Best Actor and Best Actress.

1. Pulp Fiction (1994)


Area: UK, US

The film: Tarantino’s second movie betters the excellent Reservoir Dogs, which makes the director synonymous with odd narrative structures and superb characterisations. Where else are you going to hear gangsters shooting the shit about daily trivial things? Everywhere now, as a result of Pulp’s lasting legacy on contemporary cinema.

In addition to a leading turn from Uma Thurman, the movie single-handedly relaunched the careers of Bruce Willis and John Travolta, giving them all the best parts of their own lives. Keep your eye out for a scene-stealing piece from Harvey Keitel as The Wolf.

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