Top World Leader Said Obama Is ‘Narcissistic’ And ‘Self-Absorbed’, Obama’s Furious

Former Democratic President Barack Obama loved to provide the belief, aided by the liberal-biased media, he had been beloved all around the planet and admired by other world leaders.

Obama worked hard to attempt and meet up as many world leaders as he would, as he had been on an eight-year nonstop world apology tour, bowing before other rulers and telling them how sorry he and Americans were to the way former Republican President George W. Bush allegedly abused them.

But, based on Steve Hilton, ex-advisor into Britain’s former Prime Minister David Cameron, the accuracy of the matter is that Obama rubbed many world leaders exactly the wrong manner. Hilton recently gave an interview with Britain’s Daily Mail paper where he shared what then-Prime Minister Cameron believed of Obama while he was in office.

Stated the guide, “David Cameron believed Barack Obama was among those ‘most narcissistic, self-absorbed people’ he’d ever dealt with, his former plan guru has maintained. In the office, the two leaders had a comfy bromance and were envisioned high-fiving and enjoying rounds of golf and ping pong together.”

It continued, “However, Steve Hilton tore into Mr. Obama for believing he was ‘brighter’ than everybody else in the area. And he maintained that his previous boss Mr. Cameron would have wound up from the ex President’s self-improvement” Are you surprised that Britain’s former Prime Minister believed Obama was arrogant?

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