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White House Has Officially “Cut Out” Lindsey Graham

Sen. Lindsey Graham has infuriated the White House for the last time and now he’s paying the price. Has Graham attempted to make a bill creating amnesty for illegals and sided Dick Durban, but Trump’s employees were badmouthed by him.

“I have talked with the president. His heart is right with this matter. I believe he’s got a great comprehension of what’s going to sell. And each time we have a proposal team members simply yank back it. We are currently going . He’s been an outlier for ages. There is a bargain to be had,” said Graham.

“Provided that Sen. Graham chooses to support laws that sides with individuals in this country illegally and unlawfully rather than our own American citizens, we are going nowhere,” said a White House spokesman. The Washington Examiner revealed that Graham has been ‘cut’ from the White House.

“A source tell me one of many reasons Lindsey Graham was cut from DACA talks from the White House is since he went after John Kelly. Some say his Graham-Durbin suggestion was so devastating at WH it really took talks a step backward,” tweeted White House correspondent for the Washington Examiner Sarah Westwood.

“Anything that Graham is a pioneer on is, frankly, dead on arrival concerning the White House and in the House,” a GOP aide told Westwood.

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